Sintered Metal Motorbike ATV UTV Motorcycle FA264/SFAC264/SFA264HH/FA264V/FA264/FA264HH Sintered Metal Brake Disc Shoe Copper Pads

100 Sets
Sintered Metal Motorbike ATV UTV Motorcycle FA264/SFAC264/SFA264HH/FA264V/FA264/FA264HH Sintered Metal Brake Disc Shoe Copper Pads
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Type: Brake Pads
Warranty: 1 year
Сертификация: ISO/TS 16949
Product Name: Brake Disk PADS
Model: FA 264
Color: gold
Material: Sintered Metal
Fit for: Motorbike/bike/atv/utv
MOQ: 100 sets
Packing: 1 sets/blister,25 sets/inner box,100 sets/carton
Sample: free
Surface Treatment: Oxidation Treatment
Delivery Time: 10 days
Основная информация
Сертификация: ISO/TS 16949
Model Number: FA 264
Оплата и доставка Условия
Packaging Details: 1. Color blister or as your design 2. MOQ:100sets 3. 20sets/inner box or 25sets/inner box,100sets/ctn 4. Ctn size:40*40*30cm
Supply Ability: 30000000 Set/Sets per Month
Характер продукции
Product Description


1.It was manufactured in Japanese cooper-based metal material technology
2.Environmental protection and not damage disc rotors
3.No noise and low price
4.Stable friction properties and strong wear resistance
5.Brake sensitive and will not damage brake rotors
6.Excellent braking and Recession-proof performance
7.Good heat dissipation and long service life in utility applications
8.Fantastic brake performance in both wet and dry conditions






A. 85.1x42.9x8.2mm
B. 69.8x41x8.2mm

AD 125 09-11 F
AR 125 10-11 F
AD 200 09-11 F
AR 200 10-11 F
Crazy 50 Naked 13-14 F
XS 125T-13 07-10 F
Stella 50 97 F&R
Passing 125 93-97 F
KRS 50 F
Joker 125/150 02 F
Freeland 125/150 F
Vendetta 50 (2T) 12-13 F
LT 50
LN 125 (4T)
LN 151 (4T)
Tweet 50 (4T/Rear drum model)
Tweet 50 RS (4T/Rear disc model)
New Tweet Evo 50
(4T/Rear drum model) 14-18 F
New Tweet Evo RS 50 (4T) 14-15 F
Belville 125 Allure 18 F
Belville 125 RS 18 F
LXR 125 (4T) 10-13 F
New Tweet Evo 125
(4T/Rear disc model) 14-18 F
New Tweet Evo RS 125 (4T) 14-18 F
Tweet 125 (4T/Rear drum model) 10-12 F
Tweet 125 RS (4T/Rear disc model) 10-12 F
New Tweet 150 (4T) 14-18 F
New Tweet RS 150 (4T) 14-18 F
Tweet 150 (4T/Rear drum model) 10-12 F
Tweet 150 RS (4T/Rear disc model) 10-12 F
Belville 200 Allure 18 F
Belville 200 RS 18 F
LXR 200i (4T) 10-12 F
i-Dep Electric Scooter 09 F&R
Big Max 50 S 03-04 F
Big Max 50 (Front wave disc) 07-09 F
Big Max 50 Naked
(Round disc/no cover on H/bars) 07-09 F
G-Max 50 05-07 F
G-Max 50 (Wave disc) 08-09 F
G-Max 50 Naked (Wave disc) 09 F
Libra 50 (2T) 09 F
Ligero 50 (2T) 08-12 F
T-Rex 3 (50cc) (3 wheeler) 03-04 F
Bubu 100/125 03-08 F
T/Rex 50 99-12 F
Charge 125 A/B 00-02 F
i-Charge 125 03-05 F
PMX 50 00-07 F
PMX 50 Naked F
PMX 110 00-07 F
T-Rex 110 99-06 F
Libra 125 EFi (4T) 09-12 F
Ligero 125 06-08 F
Ligero 125 (4T) 08-12 F
T-Rex 125 (Wave disc) 08-12 F
Tigra 125 (4V/4T) 12 F
Libra 150 (4T) 09 F
TR-3 150cc (3 wheeler) 03-09 F
Orbit II 50cc (4T) 12-14 F
Orbit II 50 Naked (4T) 12-14 F
Orbit II 50 TS (4T) 12-14 F
X-Pro 50 13-14 F
Allo 50 (4T) 11-15 F
Allo GT 50 (4T) 13-15 F
Crox 50 (4T) 15 F
Fiddle II 50 08-15 F
Fiddle III 50 (4T) 14-15 F
Mask 50 00-05 F
Jet Sport 50 14-15 F
Jet Sport 50 S 14-15 F
Jet 4 (50cc 4T) 10-15 F
Jet 4 R50 (2T) 11-15 F
Jet 4 R Naked (50/4T) 13-15 F
Jet Basix 50 06-09 F
Jet Evo 50 (2T) 13-15 F
Jet 50/Euro XS 99-05 F
Jet Euro X 50 06-14 F
Jet Sport X 50 SR 06-15 F
Red Devil 50 99-09 F
Orbit II 50 (4T) 12-15 F
Orbit II 50 Naked (4T) 12-15 F
Orbit II 50 TS 12-15 F
Symply 50 07-08 F
Symphony 50 (4T) 09 F
Symphony 50 S (4T) Rear disc model 10-15 F
Symphony SR 50 10-15 F
Symply 11 50 09-13 F
Jungle 50 Feb-99 F
X'Pro 50 13-15 F
Jet 100 (G1 OOP-6) 99-00 F
Allo 125 (4T) 11-15 F
City Com 125 08-10 F
Crox 125 (4T) 15 F
Fiddle I1125 08-15 F
Fiddle III 125 (4T) 14-15 F
Attila 125 99-00 F
HD 125 S Evo 07 F
HD Evo 125 (Carb & EFi models/4T
/Single Headlamp) 03-13 F
H2-125i (4T/Twin Headlamps) 10-15 F
Jet 4 (125cc 4T) 10-15 F
Megalo 125 00-06 F
Orbit II /Symply 125 (4T) 09-15 F
Super Duke 125/150 99-02 F
Symply 125 07-08 F
Symply 11 125 09-14 F
Symphony 125 S (4T) 09 F
Symphony S 125 (4T/Rear disc model) 10-15 F
Symphony 125 SR
(4T/Rear disc model) 10-15 F
Allo 150 (4T) 11-15 F
Crox 150 (4T) 15 F
Jet 4 150cc 13-15 F
Fiddle 11 151 08-15 F
Symphony S 151 (4T/Rear disc model) 09-15 F
Symphony 151 SR
(4T/Rear disc model) 10-15 F
Fiddle III 200i (4T) 14-15 F& R
H 200 SE 06 F
HD 200 S Evo 07 F
HD Evo 200 (Carb & EFi models/4T
/Single Headlamp) 03-13 F
HD2-200i (4T) Twin Headlights 10-15 F
City Com 300i 08-14 F&R
City Com S 300i CBS 15 F&R
Akros Tec (50) 03-04 F
Delivery 50 Scooter
(Up to E/F No 609099) 04-05 F
101 R (50cc) 04-08 F
202 Classic (50cc) 03-14 F
Bellavita 125i (4T) 12-14 F
Bellavita 300i (4T) 12-14 F
Twister 50 F
Twister 125 F
Equivalents OE#
45105 H13 000 AC Y00FA1409
45105 G22 000 AC PE801968
45105 G02 000 AS 45105 HHA 000A
45105 APA000A 45105 LEA010A




The motorcycle OTRSS Brakes will outperform any other brake pad that you can buy. Due to their high friction rating of between 0.6 and 0.7 which gives amazing brake effect they are unsuitable for street use with regular road tires. With perfect heat stability, absolutely no brake fade and heat cycling, these pads can be used over several races and you can be confident that they will always perform.




1.Sintered pads: (generally mounted fittings) the brake lining is realized by a sintering process and contains in part metals and partly resins or other polymers used also in the pads, sintering process allows, without leading to melting, to weld between of their particles lining, improving abrasion resistance and hardness.


2.Sintered Pads Classifications:

  • Heavy Duty Sintered Brake Pads (R Series):

A.High density sintered copper formula made explicitly for ATV off road market for long lifetime
B.Highest durability
C.For the off road ATV rider in wet, mud, sand , ect, bad conditions

  • Moto-X race brake pads(Double-H Series):

A.This formula sintered copper brake pads delivers ultra high HH rated friction
B.Fast street and superbike brake pads
C.Ultra high brake effect and long lifetime
D.Perfect braking in wet or dry
E.Suitable for all fast moto-x riding



For Brake Type:Disc Brakes - Hydraulic, Disc Brakes Brake Type:Disc Brake pads
For Bike Type:Street bikes, Dirt bikes, Racing bikes, Off-road bikes, ATV/QuadsBrand:OTRSS
Size:StandardPromise:No Noise
Position:Front or RearCompound:Sintered metal
Density :4.2-5Hardness (HB)19.15-
Pack Includes:Spring(s)Component Sub-Type:Disc Pads
Backplate Material:CopperComponent Type:Brakes
Compound Code:T

Country/Region of Manufacture:

Samples:Free samplesDelivery:Super Fast Delivery
We aim:For 100% customer satisfactionWarranty:60 day return policy

4.Compound Structure:






Company Information



Chuzhou OTRSS Auto Parts Co., Ltd. specializes in production of Sintered Copper brake pads for motorcycles, scooter, bicycle, ATV, mountain bikes,dirt bike,karts,offroad vehicles and electrical machinery.We have more than 250 models brake pads,cover all popular models in the world.


The pads are well accepted with high friction coefficient,less wear rate,good shear strength,low noise,even no Noise at all, and disc friendly.However,we want to go further in the quality,by researching latest technology,updating production machines and improving workmanship.Additionally,to satisfy different customers' needs,OTRSS provides various types of packing.


Except the OEM partners in domestic market,we export to scores of countries and regions as well,such as Japan,South Korea,Europe,America,and South America etc. 

OTRSS Brake pads, your choice for safe.! We care the safety.We care the quality, more than the brake pads.

Packing and shipping


ModelSintered brake pads
ApplicationATV,Motorcycle,Scooter Pitbike,Motorbike,UTV,Dirt bike,MT Bicycle
MaterialSintered copper
Capacity3,0000,000 sets/year
Lead time30 DAYS

Western Union,T/T,L/C,PAYPAL,OR pay 30% deposit first and the balance paid before the delivery

RemarkAccept trial order with small quantity, design any packing blister according to customes
Supply free samples, Free develop new models



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1. What's sintered brake pads?

A kind of copper based fricition material for ATV, Motorcycle, MT BICYCLE brake pads was prepared by power metallurgy.


2. What's the advantage of sintered brake pads?

Sintered ATV brake pads wear well ,High temperature resistant, great , strong stopping power, no damage rotor, strong stopping power, maximum lifetime ect..


3. How to order?

Just send us any part number, or vehicle model, or photo, or drawings, ect.. we will send your detail infromation.


4. Can we get samples?

Yes, we could supply free samples, for the first time, hope you could pay for shipping cost . We will return your shipping cost after you place an order.


5. How to pay?

We could accept any payment term, like T/T, PAYPAL, WESTER UNION, L/C , ect..


6. Which vehicles the sintered brake pads suitable for?

motorcycles, scooter, ATV, mountain bikes, dirt bike, karts, off-road vehicles and electrical machinery.


7. What's the delivery time ? how to select shipping company?

Ususlly we will deliver within 20 days, we could contact our shipping company or customers decide shipping company.


8. What's the packaging?

Customers can use our packaging , and we also design any packaging according to customers' request


9. What's the guarantee?

We guarantee our products are the same as samples testing. Any problem we promise Return of the goods if quality problem.


10. Any more question, please feel free to contact us by e-mail.

Contact US



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